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New Trend of Market Management of Auto Parts

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New Trend of Market Management of Auto Parts
The automobile industry, after more than 100 years of development, has become one of the world's largest and important industries, economists generally believe that the 21st century is the automotive society. In the past ten years, China's rapid economic development, a substantial increase in national purchasing power, more and more people become owners, car society has come.
According to China's Ministry of Public Security Traffic Management Bureau statistics, as of the end of 2016, the national motor vehicle ownership of 290 million, of which car ownership of 194 million, the new registration and annual increments are the highest in history; People 360 ​​million people, including car drivers more than 310 million people, so huge data amazing!
However, compared to developed countries, China's auto market is still in the stage of universal development. China's car ownership of 194 million, thousands of people holding only 140 or so, while the world average is about 170, China is expected to 2019 to exceed the world average, with the developed countries, thousands of cars to maintain 500 to 800 Than the gap is even greater, therefore, China's auto market is still very large development space.
In recent years, steady growth in car sales data also proved this view. China Automobile Industry Association released data show that in 2016 China's automobile production and sales reached 28.119 million and 28.028 million, an increase of 14.5% and 13.7%, higher than the same period last year 11.2 and 9.0 percentage points. The actual growth rate in 2016 completely exceeded the beginning of 2016 for the automobile market growth of 6% expected.
New Trend of Market Management of Auto Parts
Automobile production and sales of the rapid increase, led the auto parts OEM market steady growth, but also to the automotive market after the usher in a vigorous development. According to statistics, in 2016, China's auto market after the scale reached 880 billion yuan, is expected to break through 2019 1 trillion yuan. The future market will continue to bullish, in 2021 to achieve 1.654 trillion yuan sales scale.
In view of the broad market prospects, since 2014, many OEMs have begun to look to the potential of the car after the market, have accelerated the layout, action constantly, the public, BMW, Beijing Hyundai, Shanghai GM and other manufacturers have to test the water Aftermarket. From the "Shanghai General acquisition AC Deke", "BMW self-built 2S fast repair shop", "Volkswagen plans to build 1,200 fast repair shop in the country", "Dongfeng Nissan launched OKcare quick repair shop", "Guangzhou Honda launched joy fast repair Shop "and other actions is not difficult to see, the OEMs have been shot, affiliated independent chain stores, off-site sales accessories. At the same time, auto parts manufacturers in the post-market to further increase the intensity of development even more to say.
However, although the OEM, dealers in the field of car sales has accumulated a wealth of practical experience and ability, but the face of the automotive market, they may be lack of experience, especially the 4S channel aftermarket, by the brand after the market new model , After the independence of the market expansion and the rise of electric business channels and many other challenges, competitive pressure is very large. In the future, want to gain a firm foothold in the car market, concerned about consumer demand, all-round to enhance their management level has become the most important
"One thing one code" to optimize the whole industry chain
According to the survey data, 55% of the car owners are most concerned about the "genuine protection" in the impact of after-sales service satisfaction factors, the factor in the first place, far higher than the "price competitive" ratio (34%). The results of this survey are not surprising. As the car involved in the types of parts and more, the characteristics of many brands, by the counterfeiters "favor", especially filters, spark plugs, brake pads, lubricants and other wear-resistant parts, but also became the hardest hit The The flow of counterfeit goods makes the genuine brand image and profits seriously damaged, but also to the traffic safety has brought great hidden dangers. The face of fake infringement, the brand manufacturers fake means to upgrade.
Although the traditional counterfeiting method can be seen results, but can not really curb the proliferation of market fake after the chaos. In order to facilitate the owners and manufacturers of counterfeiters to identify the authenticity of the product, many auto parts brand choice in the product packaging using anti-counterfeit labels, to achieve the effect of product security. Now on the market a lot of auto parts products security labels, in addition to including a variety of visual, tactile identification of physical security technology, each label also contains a unique two-dimensional code, through the mobile phone code can quickly identify the authenticity of the product The In this way, regardless of what channels consumers through - 4S shops, chain stores, roadside shops, online platforms, can be assured to buy auto parts.
Once the consumer out of the phone to scan, in fact, opened from the line to the line of connectivity. For the automotive and parts suppliers, through the analysis of consumer scan data, you can also know the different regions of the authentic query.
In wide range of two-dimensional code now, security inquiries is clearly not the end, two-dimensional code has become a business and consumers to establish a closer contact with the entrance. Through the members of the points, activities, marketing and other marketing activities, enterprises can achieve for consumers, key people, stores, dealers more refined marketing services, the entire value of the full range of data collection, and to a comprehensive induction, Analysis, the formation of a strategy to guide the operation of enterprises. Many cars and parts enterprises and brands have begun to test the water through the anti-counterfeit labels two-dimensional code to carry out marketing activities, such as SAIC-GM oil voucher activities, Mahler's membership points activities.
In addition to the huge value of brand protection and digital marketing, "one thing one code" also makes the enterprise within the channel control more efficient, can cover production, warehousing, logistics and other links, and enterprise systems compatible, suppliers, distributors , Store management, so that business managers understand the flow of products.
Most importantly, some well-known brands have been deeply aware of the "one thing one code" to get through the auto parts industry's ability to industry chain, and proceed to explore how to "one by one code" on the integration of existing resources. For its brand diversity, a wide range of accessories business, in particular, hope that with the "one thing one code" to achieve internal channels and customer marketing unified management system.
In 2016, the product digital industry leading brand Shanghai Zhongyou Network Co., Ltd. for the SAIC GM designed a two-dimensional code channel and marketing management system, through the system to give each part a unique two-dimensional code, to achieve "one by one ", Connecting enterprises existing systems and platforms, so that after-sales parts to achieve set brand security protection, channel control, consumer loyalty management as one integrated management system.
SAIC GM this time for the two-dimensional code channel and marketing management system, strategic deployment or car market can be opened after the opening of a unified platform for the establishment of a comprehensive platform. In the context of the mobile Internet era, "one thing one code" in the automotive market potential for further mining.


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