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Auto Parts Group unveiled the Shanghai auto show auto parts industry supply and demand model

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Auto Parts Group unveiled the Shanghai auto show auto parts industry supply and demand model
During the Shanghai auto show in 2017, in the world's top car dealers gathered at the show, just on the line of Sharan hundred thousand auto parts with the platform, with a unique auto parts products to promote business model, to promote the auto parts industry supply Side reform, cause concern.
Mr. Wang Wendong, chairman and chairman of the board, told reporters, "2015 - 1216 after the car market analysis report" shows that with China's nearly 40 million car ownership and in recent years, "blowout" growth , The size of the manufacturer to reach 6359, the industry's annual output value of 1.5 trillion, thus, the domestic auto market has become the world's fastest growing market, China's auto parts exports in 2016 totaled 64.573 billion US dollars, thus Visible domestic auto parts sales market prospects.
"The domestic auto parts market still has many problems." Wang Wendong said that the first domestic auto parts manufacturing level although the rapid development, but the auto parts manufacturing enterprises are still playing price war, the lack of technological innovation, product quality varies greatly; Repair shop and 4S shop, due to the rapid upgrading of car models, information asymmetry, resulting in high cost of auto parts procurement, the backlog of serious, the cost of the final transmission to the consumer. Therefore, despite the continuous expansion of the domestic market capacity, but the overall competitiveness of the auto industry is still in the middle and lower reaches, while the market redundant parts continue to increase, while consumer satisfaction decreased.
In response to this bottleneck, Wang Wendong tried to change the status quo by electric business model. He introduced, in the traditional auto parts sales, the first by the auto parts business money to purchase, goods to the company warehouse storage, occupation of the warehouse area, warehouse management personnel costs, warehouse management will be damaged; customers to buy parts after delivery , Resulting in secondary packaging, secondary logistics, secondary logistics damage, in addition, customers also pressure, a total of 8 fees.
"Wang Qidong said that in the Cheerful 100 million auto with the collective platform, the customer first to identify the payment, and then find the factory production, from the factory directly to the user, from the factory to achieve from the Mold to the repair shop docking, "business as long as there is a penny of profits, in order to occupy the market are dare to sell." In addition, all sales for the 4S shop and garage, the set of axillary Qiu effect, let 4S shop and garage can buy cheap products.
It is reported that the platform was officially launched on April 17, 2017, on the second day of the platform shelves up to 40,000 varieties of products, more than 20 million yuan for sale of goods. Wang Wendong said that the platform has just started, will be committed to creating the best outside the original homogeneous parts supply system, the future goal is to build a three-dimensional integrated platform for the automotive industry.




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